The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Swinging

Did someone mention swinging and it left you wanting to know more?   Swinging is an intriguing lifestyle that often leads everyone to wonder “What is it?” and “Why do people do it?” I honestly don’t think we can’t help being a little curious about swinging.  The word itself is  impossible to ignore.  Whether you are […]

How to Setup a Threesome The Easy Way!

There’s no wonder why anyone would have a threesome at the top of their sexual fantasy list.  It’s incredibly sexy to have more than one partner’s hands, mouth, and body all over you at once. First timers say that the orgasm during a threesome is like nothing they have ever experienced before. Being told, or […]

Photo Tips For Your Swinger Profile

It was lust at first sight — unless it wasn’t.  If your swinger profile isn’t attracting the couples you crave, your profile photos could be the blame.  Nobody wants to see up close photos of your naughty places before they even find out what you’re about.  Save those glorious dick and pussy shots for after […]

The Hotwife Lifestyle for Beginners

Most men think they have a hot wife, but do you really know what that means?  Simply put, a hotwife is a married women who is allowed to have sexual relationships and experiences with other men without her partner present.  Unlike swinging or sharing, a hot wife is free to go alone and have her […]

Why Group Sex is Gaining In Popularity

Do you think group sex is gaining in popularity?  Many think so.  In the past fifteen years, survey results are showing a steady (5%) increase in men and women reporting they have participated in sex with more two or more partners at a time.  But why?  Why is group sex gaining popularity?  And is it […]

Top Tips to Start Swinging with Your Partner

Do you want to start swinging but don’t know where to begin?  That’s okay!  Everyone had to start somewhere and you’re living in time when swinging has never been easier!  The internet has afforded us the opportunity to learn more, share more, and get more from the Lifestyle!  Here’s how to get started: Establish the […]

Can the Swinging Lifestyle Save Your Marriage?

Can the swinging lifestyle save your marriage?   The Lifestyle is about having fun with your partner and making up your own rules.  Rules that fit only the two of you.  There is no one-size-fits-all method to swinging and I think that is why it can save a marriage.  It promotes a greater bond with your […]

New to the Swingers Lifestyle?

Many who are new to the lifestyle seem to seek swinging partners who are at their same level of experience. Of course I always advise that one should seek what makes them comfortable but a first swinging encounter may be much easier with others who are more experienced. Certainly never proceed into anything that makes […]