Top Tips to Start Swinging with Your Partner

Do you want to start swinging but don’t know where to begin?  That’s okay!  Everyone had to start somewhere and you’re living in time when swinging has never been easier!  The internet has afforded us the opportunity to learn more, share more, and get more from the Lifestyle!  Here’s how to get started: Establish the […]

Can the Swinging Lifestyle Save Your Marriage?

Can the swinging lifestyle save your marriage?   The Lifestyle is about having fun with your partner and making up your own rules.  Rules that fit only the two of you.  There is no one-size-fits-all method to swinging and I think that is why it can save a marriage.  It promotes a greater bond with your […]

Is Polyamory Cheating?

Polyamory ends up the butt of many a lazy joke across popular culture. You know the one. It’s the “open relationship” that is really just an acknowledged denouement before an inevitable breakup. Or worse, it’s the poor excuse for one partner’s cheating or the pitiful delusion of the betrayed. Why does non-monogamy get such a […]

Volunteer and Get $100, a T-shirt and a Mug

We need your help. We are looking for volunteers who will help us categorize our public photos to improve the community. Not only is this fun to do, it’s also rewarding! As you reach new levels we will send you exclusive volunteer swag. Start Now If you are already volunteering, thank you for helping your […]

May 2016 Polyamory News – Polyamory @College

Photo Source: David Morris Polyamory In the Headlines Polyamory on College Campuses Polyamory is becoming mainstream on campuses across the country with universities “encouraging students to be more ‘affirming’ of non-monogamous relationships and instructing them to view polyamorous relationships as an acceptable lifestyle choice.” Some of these universities and colleges include: Vanderbilt University Portland State […]

Are you Poly or a Swinger?

Photo Source: Robert Ashworth Are you poly, swinger or something in between? What’s the difference? Swingers are non-monogamous people who engage in sex with partners outside of their primary relationship. Wikipedia defines polyamory as “the practice of, or desire for, intimate relationships involving more than two people, with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. […]

If You Liked 50 Shades of Grey

Photo Source: Javier Pais If you liked 50 Shades of Grey book series, here are a few selections of kinky erotica you may also enjoy. Driven is a an unforgettable 5 book series about lust, love, redemption, and healing from New York Times best-selling author K. Bromberg. After Graduation by Red Phoenix is a popular […]

New to the Swingers Lifestyle?

Many who are new to the lifestyle seem to seek swinging partners who are at their same level of experience. Of course I always advise that one should seek what makes them comfortable but a first swinging encounter may be much easier with others who are more experienced. Certainly never proceed into anything that makes […]

SwingTowns Album Changes: Please Help

Due to Google Play and Apple store rules, public and shared albums may not contain sexually explicit images if we want to get our app, in development, ready to meet the requirement. Please help your SwingTowns community get ready by taking a moment to move any of your sexually explicit images in your public album […]